[Crm-sig] Problem: the fakes

Dan Matei Dan at cimec.ro
Thu Feb 19 12:05:28 EET 2015

Hi folks.

Another problem: the fakes.

Say: a fake after Rubens. In such a case, several predicates are phony:

<crm:E65_Creation> <crm:P11_had_participant> <#Rubens>
<crm:E65_Creation> <crm:P4_has_time-span> <#1620>

For this kind of statements should I use a .1 property "isPhony" ?

Could anyone suggest o more elegant solution ?


Dan Matei
director, Direcția Patrimoniu Cultural Mobil, Imaterial și Digital [Movable, Intangible and Digital Heritage Department]
Institutul Național al Patrimoniului [National Heritage Institute], București [Bucharest, Romania]
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