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As we were discussing in Oxford, there may be a case for having a number 
of instantiations of the CRM for different specific purposes.  The 
particular purpose I am thinking of is a CRM implementation which 
supports Linked Data usage.  (Having that implementation doesn't stop us 
having other, more human-friendly, implementations - potentially even 
other RDF implementations.)

For this purpose, it is crucially important that the URLs representing 
CRM classes and properties are stable over time. Including semantic 
(and, as Martin observes, language-specific) text as part of the 
identifier is a hostage to fortune which we could do without.  As Barry 
comments, we can put the label into the RDF so that the explanation is 
there if required.  In fact, doing it this way allows us to include 
translations of the labels in multiple languages, which would actually 
increase the utility of the CRM from an international perspective.

The Linked Data manifestation of the CRM is primarily designed to be 
produced and consumed by machine processes, and we shouldn't be 
concerned about how "obvious" it looks to human observers.  We can 
develop software tools to provide tooltip explanations etc. where they 
are required.


On 13/02/2015 10:55, Dan Matei wrote:
> As a (daily) user of CRM, I'm very much against criptic labels. I'm too old to remember the numbers in labels :-(
> Dan
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> From: martin <martin at ics.forth.gr>
> Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 12:38:15 +0200
>> That is an interesting comment. Anyway, the labels are in a European
>> language.
>> We have proposed in the past that the generic RDF property labels are
>> the E / P numbers,
>> and that language labels are display properties. That's why we have the
>> E/ P numbers,
>> which are as robust as anything in this world can be, but pople voted not to
>> have naked E-Pnumbers in RDFS. So, we cannot control ISO. We can
>> declare to be smarter than ISO and stick at will to our labels. Or, we
>> finally admit that
>> user tools should have the ability to display the language lables, and
>> not the generic ones,
>> and change the master RDF.
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