[Crm-sig] FRBRoo published in IFLA namespace

Richard Light richard at light.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 00:23:28 EET 2015

On 12/02/2015 11:01, Gordon Dunsire wrote:
> FRBRoo (version 2.0 draft of May 2013) was published as an IFLA linked 
> data element set a couple of months ago. The element set can be found 
> at http://iflastandards.info/ns/fr/frbr/frbroo/
> The canonical, de-referenced URIs use the CRM alphanumeric code 
> without the English label to make them language independent, following 
> IFLA standard practice for linked data. 
Interesting.  I was thinking of suggesting that the main CRM Linked Data 
resource adopts exactly this approach.  Linked Data identifiers are 
meant to be persistent, as far as possible, and we saw this week that 
random decisions by ICOM editors have led to changes in element and 
property labels.  With the current strategy, these changes will have to 
be propagated into the Linked Data URLs, making the CRM as bad as 
dbpedia when it comes to stability of URLs over time.  (In Wikipedia, 
anyone can change the title of a page to help disambiguate it.  When 
they do, the corresponding dbpedia URL has to change.)

*Richard Light*
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