[Crm-sig] FRBRoo published in IFLA namespace

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FRBRoo (version 2.0 draft of May 2013) was published as an IFLA linked data
element set a couple of months ago. The element set can be found at


The element set does not include classes and properties which are part of
the general CRM, but it does include links to related CRM classes and


The canonical, de-referenced URIs use the CRM alphanumeric code without the
English label to make them language independent, following IFLA standard
practice for linked data. There is a parallel, owl:sameAs (but not
de-referenced) set of lexical URIs using the full CRM label to provide


The element set includes explicit inverse relationships with separate URIs,
and maps them to the corresponding forward relationship, e.g. frbroo:CLP104
owl:inverseOf frbroo:CLP104i. The definitions of the inverse pairs of
properties are the same, but the domains and ranges are swapped to preserve
the different semantics for machine application.


Labels have been disambiguated using a standard template.


The element set includes the full CRM comment and a corresponding split into
description and scope note to follow IFLA practice.


The full set of IFLA linked data element sets for the FR family of models
can be found at http://iflastandards.info/ns/fr/
<http://iflastandards.info/ns/fr/frbr/frbroo/CLP104>  and more information
can be found in an article on page 30 at






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