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Dear Dan,

Thank you for this "sorry" :-) !

But I'd like to clarify three fundamental misunderstandings that this 
seem to imply:

First, I repeatedly hear the argument, "this must be put into the CRM, 
because I
need it". This implies the idea, that using the CRM in a compatible way 
is restricting documentation
to CRM properties. This is simply wrong. The monetary value was regarded 
as out of practical
scope, because museums would normally not disclose it. So, since the CRM 
does not cover it,
you make your own extension or use another ontology to cover the gap, as 
you did, or use a "has_note".
This is what I expect people to *do*, no reason for a "sorry".

Adding new concepts to the CRM is based on a thorough ontological 
an assessment of robustness of the concept so that we can standardize 
without risking
the need to withdraw it tomorrow, and an assessment of relevance in 
order not to overwelm
people with too many concepts. This is why we now systematically try 
develop domain extensions.
All this needs time to be done right. Therefore, if you need now a 
solution, there is no "sorry" in it.
Rather, we may learn from such extensions how to model the problem in a 
robust way.
Standards must be reactive, NOT proactive.

Finally, you may imply that I have an emotional relation to people using 
the CRM. In all questions,
decisions are taken by CRM-SIG and not me as a person. My emotional 
relation is only to the
scientific and methodological rigor for developing ontologies for 
cultural heritage to guarantee
increasing intellectual quality of the product. Again, no "sorry" needed 
for your solution ;-) .

Thank you again for your kind "sorry",


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