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Sorry Martin...

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> In order to address this in CRM-SIG, we need a some database schema/ 
> data structure
> in scope we can take as empirical material.
> I believe acquisition of museum objects is one area of application. 

Our use-case has nothing fancy. The Romanian museums have to record for an acquisition:

•	the type (purchase, donation, field collection, etc.);
•	the date;
•	the provider (seller, donor, finder, etc.);
•	the amount paid (in case of purchase);
•	obligations (e.g. to expose);
•	the legal proof document.

Until you come-up with a refined solution, I accept Steve criticism and I consider a brute force solution :-) 

I borrow from the Financial Industry Business Ontology [FIBO] (http://www.omg.org/spec/EDMC-FIBO/FND/):

The classes:
•	fibo:Money_Amount (considered a subclass of crm:E72_Legal_Object);
•	fibo:Currency (considered a subclass of crm: E55_Type).

The properties:
•	fibo:has_amount/is_amount_of (fibo:Money_Amount -> xsd:decimal);
•	fibo:has_currency/is_currency_of (fibo:Money_Amount -> fibo:Currency).

And I "invent" the property:

•	paid/paid-for (crm:E8_Acquisition -> fibo:Money_Amount) (not very happy with the English wording :-(

Critical comments, please...


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