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If I have interpreted your longer paper correctly, that means that the 
whole co-reference mechanism that the CRM has erected fails to address 
the practical requirement which I would have.  That is, the ability for 
me to indicate that a word or phrase in a source document refers (in my 
opinion), to a specified real-world person (or other non-information 

Have I got this right, and, if so, is there a CRM mechanism which /does 
/allow me to make this kind of assertion?

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On 04/02/2015 12:06, Øyvind Eide wrote:
> Dear all,
> Please find enclosed my homework for issue 230. It consists of two things:
> * New scope notes for E91 Co-Reference Assignment, shortened to keep 
> semantic web complexity out of the CRM. Thanks to Gerald for input.
> * A draft for a document describing the complexity left out of the 
> scope notes, based on Martin's previous scope notes and input from 
> Arianna (but no responsibility on any of them for the result!). This 
> document could be developed into a technical paper referred to from 
> CRM, to an article, or both.
> Best,
> Øyvind
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