[Crm-sig] Homework 234 d)

Øyvind Eide lister at oeide.no
Fri Feb 6 12:01:43 EET 2015

Dear all,

Here is my homework on the scope note for E4. 
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 The main changes are connected to what we discussed in the last meeting, making clear that the spatial area of island cultures may include the sea between the islands. I also added a clause about overlapping land use that makes sense to me.

In addition, I made a clarification about the relationship between E4 and E53 which would have helped me if I were a new user. Not sure it fits here, may be it should be in E53 and/or in a general part.

The scope note is a bit (too) long but I suppose it will have to be adjusted again after the E92 invasion. Maybe we can move some stuff elsewhere then.



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