[Crm-sig] ISSUE E4 IsA E92, E18 IsA E92

Øyvind Eide lister at oeide.no
Fri Feb 6 11:05:59 EET 2015

Dear Martin,

Seeing E4 Period as a type of E92 Space Time Volume is a stretch, but in some sense it feels natural. Period is a temporal entity stretching out in time so the similarity to the more general Space Time Volume is in some sense natural.

On the other hand, saying that E18 Physical Thing isa E92 Space Time Volume feels strange. Does that not amount to saying that in some sense a thing IS its extension in space and time? 

I see the arguments for simplification but the inheritance also needs to be ontologically true. Is it? Can something be a space-time thing and a endurant at the same time? 

Maybe this establishes a multiple inheritance in E18 Physical Thing as a link between the 3D and the 4D world. What would Plato say to that?



On 28. jan. 2015, at 22:45, martin wrote:

> Dear All,
> I propose E4 Period and E18 Physical Thing to become subclass
> of E92 Space Time Volume, in the sense of the phenomenal spatiotemporal
> extent, which is necessaryly one-to-one. This will greatly simplify dealing with topological relations between things and periods, and restore consistency that Allen relations are directly attached to the temporal
> entity rather than its time-span. 
> It does not create any existence-period conflict with E4 or E18.
> It further simplifies use of Snapshot to say where things are during some
> time-span.
> Best,
> Martin
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