[Crm-sig] FRBRoo / CRM for prints?

Jim Salmons jim.salmons at factminers.org
Mon Aug 10 21:19:13 EEST 2015

Regine, Martin, and Patrick,


I agree with Patrick and Martin that PRESSoo is not _directly_ applicable to
the challenge of modeling prints. I can only speak here as a software
designer/developer and NOT as a humanities specialist with knowledge of the
subtleties of historic/artistic print production, etc.. But given my decades
of advanced object-oriented software design experience, I strongly believe
in studying closely-aligned domain models for inspiration and insight when
facing your own new modeling challenge.


In this sense, the most valuable lesson that print-modeling folks might
gather from the ISSN.org SIG members who developed PRESSoo is to look at the
"deep dive" into a domain-specific language (DSL) extension of #cidocCRM's
'E29 Design or Procedure' (e.g. pages 17-22 being an interesting overview,


In both the case of a serial publication and a complex print-production, the
concept of some "process over time" is central with a notion of the
creator's intentional plan to produce the work... the 'Z12 Issuing Rule' of
PRESSoo, the idea of 'Z1 Serial Transformation' and with this the
decomposition of procedure to make Properties explicit such as 'absorbed',
'enhanced', 'merged', 'separated', etc. Given a "blind concept-matching
test," many of these model elements could be mistaken for their
applicability to print production.


It is not that this _specific_ complete DSL (PRESSoo) is an "off the shelf"
solution to modeling prints, but rather that the territory covered by the
PRESSoo SIG in its ruminations to produce their domain-specific model have
much to contribute as a 'modeling resource' for Regine's team to consider as
they decide on their own requirements and #cidocCRM-compliant extension. The
definition document is part definition and part 'project post mortem' of
insights about their modeling decisions.


If nothing else, a good read of the PRESSoo definition document could help
inform the modeling decisions to be made by Regine's team. I found the
PRESSoo document full of helpful insightful discussion and rich with 'use
case' diagrams that reflect the broad thinking of the PRESSoo SIG's work. I
think it's a good example of #cidocCRM DSL extension documentation
regardless of your domain of interest.


Pardon me if these comments are a re-hash of well-worn conversation over
domain-specific issues resolved long ago. My intent in commenting has more
to do with sharing insights about modeling best practice - "Borrow, don't
re-invent." for example - rather than being specific to a particular model.


    Happy-Healthy Vibes,

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