[Crm-sig] FRBRoo / CRM for prints?

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Hi everyone,
I completely agree with Martin. There is no point in dealing with art 
prints as continuing resources. PRESSoo is inadequate in this context. I 
think there is enough stuff in a combination of FRBRoo and CIDOC CRM to 
cope with at least the main issues raised by art prints. Surely an 
extension of FRBRoo could bring more refinements in the treatment of such 
products, but FRBRoo has to remain a high-level conceptual model.
Best wishes,

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Hi Jim,

A serialization character of prints is not so obvious to me. The reworking 
of print plates appears to me
to be a rather peculiar process of modification of a material object, not 
so much an editorial series.
The actual printing process is either a mechanical one, or a combination 
of manual creative work and
mechanical work, which I'd see more similar to book printing on one side, 
and mold-based techniques,
such as in ceramics or bronze?



On 7/8/2015 7:05 μμ, Jim Salmons wrote:
Regine, C.E.S., and Martin,
In the context of FRBRoo as a DSL/extension of #cidocCRM with particular 
reference to the “serialization” character of print production, it may be 
useful to consider the ISSN.org’s contribution of PRESSoo, an 
extension/harmonization that brings serialization and continuation 
semantics to FRBRoo.
The reference document is found here: 
and Patrick Le Boeuf’s presentation on behalf of the ISSN working group 
which developed this valuable contribution is here:
    Happy-Healthy Vibes,
    -: Jim :-
    Jim Salmons
    Twitter: @Jim_Salmons, @FactMiners, @Softalk_Apple
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