[Crm-sig] ISSUE: Re: Çatalhöyük excavation data

Georg Hohmann georg.hohmann at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 11:58:10 EET 2014

Dear all,

> I have preliminarily unsubscribed Vladimir from this list, because I regard
> this as commercial advertisement.
> Please comment.

My comment: This decision is incomprehensible. Valdimir was a very
active member of this list and made some important contributions to
the crm and its pratical use. He is also involved in some of the most
important projects of knowledge representation and linked data in the
field of cultural heritage today (e.g. AAT etc.) and always fostered
the use of the crm. For me it was very interesting to get an inside
view in these projects and to here about practical problems and
solutions. His mail was a response to a question about specific
implementation issue. If you count this as advertisement - which I do
not - a simple warning would have been enough. For me this decision is
another indication of the ongoing decline of this list.


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