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Karl Grossner karlg at stanford.edu
Fri Oct 17 04:17:38 EEST 2014

This thread spurred me to finally revisit some work I did in 2010 that departed from both CIDOC and DOLCE by reifying a participated relation to get at roles among other things. Just wrote a blog post about it, with links and figures, and plan to convert the model soon from FOL and an object-relational schema to something more appropriate for 2014, like OWL2. ( http://kgeographer.com/wp/stuff1a/ ) 

My (probably naive) view is that reification enables sensical open world systems, by permitting attribution of individual statements. Or if open world is strictly AAA, without identifying who Anyone is, what use would it be? 


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> On 16/10/2014 12:08, martin wrote:

> > I'd like to ask you to be focussed in your messages.
> While we're being focused, could I point out that Vladimir hasn't yet
> received any guidance on his original question?

> This related (IIUC) to a suggestion made by Martin and Dominic that, as an
> approach, sub-events are more "open world", while reification is more
> "closed world".

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