[Crm-sig] ISSUE: Re: Çatalhöyük excavation data

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Hi Martin,

1. This is obviously not what the list is for and not something that I would normally respond to.

2. My organisation is mentioned as part of the email which additionally puts me (potentially) in an uncomfortable position.

In this case it is partly because we are currently testing other systems 
at the moment and are likely to be moving to an open source system in 
the near future. I am happy to discuss our reasons or experience with 
anyone (and these reasons should not be assumed) but these are not things that are appropriate to discuss on this list. 

The criteria for being part of the list should be about furthering the objectives of the CRM-SIG and supporting the CIDOC CRM community - and it is right to protect it from becoming commercialised whether directly or indirectly. 



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Dear All,

I have preliminarily unsubscribed Vladimir from this list, because I regard this
as commercial advertisement.

Please comment.



On 16/10/2014 12:47 μμ, Vladimir Alexiev wrote:
>> I recently published a lot of Çatalhöyük excavation data
>> The endpoint is
>> http://regis.stanford.edu/openrdf-sesame/Catal2013
>> and some explanation and sample queries are here:
>> http://catalhoyuk.stanford.edu/index.php#/3/0///
> Hi Karl!
> That's quite nice, esp. the explanation page and the sample queries.
> What repository do you use? I noticed some of the queries are slow...
> If you want to try your hand at OWLIM (now called GraphDB), drop me a note.
> It's used by some of the largest CH repositories (some of which were discussed here under the topic "SPARQL endpoints"):
> Europeana, Polish DL, British Museum, Getty vocabularies, YCBA, CHARISMA (conservation portal), 3D COFORM...
> Your page says "Spatial queries on the graph await implementation of GeoSPARQL".
> While OWLIM does not yet have full GeoSPARQL, it has checking by radius and bounding box,
> see http://vocab.getty.edu/doc/#Places_Within_Bounding_Box and the following few queries.
> E.g. one is "find Castles near Mountains"
> Cheers!
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