[Crm-sig] [Culturebrokers] SPARQL endpoints

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Thu Oct 16 12:36:18 EEST 2014

> There ain't very many out there yet.


> http://data.archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/page/

The endpoint is at http://data.archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/query.
That uses CRMEH, but doesn't seem to have reasoning nor any CRM classes. Check with:

select distinct * {[] a ?class}

> http://data.clarosnet.org/sparql/

This uses a very old namespace (I think that's the "bloodybyte" representation), e.g. http://purl.org/NET/crm-owl#E67_Birth.
It also doesn't have reasoning, e.g. although there are Births, there are no crm:E63_Beginning_of_Existence.
It has 401k objects:
 SELECT (count(*) as ?c) {
  ?obj crm:P2_has_type
    [crm:P127_has_broader_term <http://id.clarosnet.org/type/object>]}
And 19M triples:
SELECT (count(*) as ?c) {?s ?p ?o}

The British Museum collection http://collection.britishmuseum.org
has 2M objects represented in CRM with full reasoning, involving 916M triples

There's also the Polish Digital Library, http://dl.psnc.pl :
a national aggregation of museum and library objects using FRBRoo and CRM. 
3.1M objects involving 535M triples
Not sure where the endpoint is.

You can find some volumetric numbers (also comparing to FactForge and LinkedLifeData) here:
Large-Scale Reasoning with a Complex Cultural Heritage Ontology (CIDOC CRM) 
at http://www.ontotext.com/research-publications/?yr=2013
(paper and presentation)

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