[Crm-sig] A CRM API?

Gerald de Jong gerald at delving.eu
Sat May 31 19:29:05 EEST 2014

I'm wondering if the SIG has some kind of CRM API available so that
software can easily retrieve the model and its component parts
individually.  What I'm thinking of is a REST interface which makes it easy
to build CRM browser software in Javascript, exposing scope notes and any
other materials (video fragments of Stephen Stead?).

If people are eventually able to build mappings from their data models to
the CRM using the X3ML Mapping Engine (https://github.com/delving/x3ml),
maybe a link back to the collection registration system could be enabled.
 The local data model fields in the registration system could be associated
with the CRM elements to which they are mapped, and relevant scope notes

All for the increased visibility and ease of integration, to encourage
dissemination, of course.

We could also publish a kind of CRM "Widget" in Javascript which consumed
such an API, and could be dropped on any web page.

Delving BV, Vasteland 8, Rotterdam
skype: beautifulcode
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