[Crm-sig] CRMinf: A proposal for an extension to the CRM covering Inference Making and Arguementation

Stephen Stead steads at paveprime.com
Thu Jul 31 20:45:51 EEST 2014

Dear all

Here is the link to a proposal for an extension that covers argumentation
and inference making, tentatively entitled CRMinf (the other suggestion was
CRMarg but I felt CRMinf was more whimsical!). The text was largely prepared
by myself in consultation with Martin so errors are mine!

It has arisen from a combination of our work (Dominic, Jonathan and myself)
on the Sloan catalogues at the BM and the original Argumentation work done

It prompted my suggestion of a scope note change to E73 which has been such
a topic of debate in the last few days.

We would like to propose this as an approved extension to the CRM SIG once
any errors have been corrected and comments incorporated.


I hope you enjoy it





CRMinf: the Argumentation Model 
An Extension of CIDOC-CRM to support argumentation 
Available: docx
<http://www.cidoc-crm.org/docs/cidoc_crm_sig/CRMinf-0.4.docx> file (76 Kb),
pdf  <http://www.cidoc-crm.org/docs/cidoc_crm_sig/CRMinf-0.4.pdf> file (1136


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