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The sentence reads: "A schema of the products that *result* from their 
application", not "... that *resultS* from ...". It's the products that 
result, not the schema. And "their" refers to "activities", not to the 
technique employed. In bullet 1, the instance of E29 Design or Procedure 
is a process ("do this, then do that, and then do this"), while in bullet 
2, the instance of E29 Design or Procedure is a description or indication 
of the expected result ("Hamlet's costume should look more or less like 
this picture, once finished"). In other terms, bullet 1 points to a 
procedure, bullet 2 points to a design. Bingo: the E29 class is labelled 
Design or Procedure. QED.

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Re: [Crm-sig] Technique and product of technique

Yes that example is clear.

But I am still confused about the phrase: "A schema of the products that 
result from their application." in E29. The product of the application 
of the technique is not a technique. Shouldn't this phrase be removed 
from E29's note? What was the reason to include this phrase?

Thanks again,


On 10/07/14 16:02, Dominic Oldman wrote:
> Im not quite sure what you mean
> But P56_bears feature can then be used with a Man-Made Feature E25 which
> can have a P2_has_type which could be a thesuarus term.
> Explore P56 on this example

> Techniques are usually applied from a production event usinmg
> P32_used_general_technique
> Cheers,
> Dominic
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> Hello list,
> We are compiling a thesaurus of bookbinding terms and we would like some
> advice on this:
> The CRM says E29 Design or Procedure can be:
> "1. A schema for the activities it describes
> 2. A schema of the products that result from their application."
> Does this mean that one can use E29 Design or Procedure to describe a
> feature or an object? Am I misinterpreting the purpose of E29?
> Two examples:
> gilding (technique) -> gilding (feature)
> tooling (decorative techniques of covers) -> tooling (embossed feature
> on cover)
> The question came up when considering a number of techniques/features
> terms. AAT seems to often define these separately, and I think this
> should be the case, but some people may feel this is redundant after
> looking at E29 and since the definitions of a given pair of
> technique/feature are almost identical.
> Thank you in advance for your help.
> Thanasis
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