[Crm-sig] Technique and product of technique

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Yes that example is clear.

But I am still confused about the phrase: "A schema of the products that 
result from their application." in E29. The product of the application 
of the technique is not a technique. Shouldn't this phrase be removed 
from E29's note? What was the reason to include this phrase?

Thanks again,


On 10/07/14 16:02, Dominic Oldman wrote:
> Im not quite sure what you mean
> But P56_bears feature can then be used with a Man-Made Feature E25 which
> can have a P2_has_type which could be a thesuarus term.
> Explore P56 on this example
> http://collection.britishmuseum.org/resource?uri=http://collection.britishmuseum.org/id/object/CGR87820
> Techniques are usually applied from a production event usinmg
> P32_used_general_technique
> Cheers,
> Dominic
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> Hello list,
> We are compiling a thesaurus of bookbinding terms and we would like some
> advice on this:
> The CRM says E29 Design or Procedure can be:
> "1. A schema for the activities it describes
> 2. A schema of the products that result from their application."
> Does this mean that one can use E29 Design or Procedure to describe a
> feature or an object? Am I misinterpreting the purpose of E29?
> Two examples:
> gilding (technique) -> gilding (feature)
> tooling (decorative techniques of covers) -> tooling (embossed feature
> on cover)
> The question came up when considering a number of techniques/features
> terms. AAT seems to often define these separately, and I think this
> should be the case, but some people may feel this is redundant after
> looking at E29 and since the definitions of a given pair of
> technique/feature are almost identical.
> Thank you in advance for your help.
> Thanasis
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