[Crm-sig] P150 subproperty of P127?

Martin Scholz martin.scholz at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Fri Feb 21 18:30:15 EET 2014

Hi Vladimir,

Am 21.02.2014 15:30, schrieb Vladimir Alexiev:
>> The SKOS extension vocabulary also models broaderPartitive as subproperty of broader
>> http://www.w3.org/2004/02/skos/extensions/spec/2004-10-18.html#broaderPartitive
> This "extensions" vocabulary was only discussed but does not exist anymore.

I know this extension vocab is deprecated. However, the scope note of P150 says:

"This is the sense of "broader term partitive (BTP)" as
defined in ISO 2788 and “broaderPartitive” in SKOS."

So I thought the scope note refers to this vocab.

> Similar properties are defined in the new ISO ontology:
> http://purl.org/iso25964/skos-thes#
> (broaderInstantive is renamed to iso:broaderInstantial)

Thanks for the hint, I didn't know that SKOS extension. This helps me understand 
ISO 25964 a lot, since, unfortunately, I currently don't have access to both ISO 

I now see that I wrongly considered P127 to be equal to skos:broader although it 
is not!

Maybe the scope notes of both P127 and P150 should get updated to reflect the 
latest developments (the more recent ISO 25965 isn't mentioned at all in the 
scope notes, only ISO 2788) and give a short explanation for those who don't 
have the standards at hand. Especially a clarification of the relation to 
skos:broader would be helpful.

> But they are not subprops of skos:broader. Probably because skos:broader feeds into skos:broaderTransitive, BUT

In fact, the site says they are subprops of skos:broader:

      Currently these are only defined as direct (one-step) sub-properties of 
skos:broader / skos:narrower."

But the point is that BTP is not a subproperty of BTG, so neither is P150 a 
subprop of P127. Rather both are subprops of skos:broader.

Am I right with this interpretation?

Martin Scholz

> Jutta Lindenthal and others have argued convincingly that you can consider transitive variabts of
> BG and BP but not BI, nor mixed paths of BG+BP.
> (Jutta's presentation with Cats and Felines).
> See discussions around this thread:
> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-esw-thes/2013Nov/0026.html
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