[Crm-sig] Review of CRM web site

Richard Light richard at light.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 20 20:11:33 EET 2014


As promised, I have now looked over every page on the CRM site. My 
conclusions are here, expressed as an annotated "site map" with working 


Essentially, I would say that the site is OK for internal use by CRM-SIG 
(and FRBR-CRM SIG) members, but that it is extremely unhelpful for an 
outsider coming to the site for guidance as to what sort of beast the 
CRM is, or how to make use of it.  That is a pity, because most of the 
information that such a person would need is present on the site - it is 
just very difficult to find, unless you already know where it is.

There is a mass of detail on the site, but most of this detail won't be 
of interest to such a person.  Much of it is now rather out-dated. I see 
two possibilities:

  * create a brand new site, tiny by comparison with the current site,
    which presents the "public face" of the CRM to an audience who are
    expected to have a passing interest, no knowledge, and a short
    attention span. Aim to engage such an audience, and leave them with
    a positive impression of the CRM.  Make links from this new site to
    the key resources which such a person needs (such resource also
    being referenced from the current site). Leave the current site
    exactly as it is. Provide a link from the new site to the current
    one, so that the SIG's work is still "public" (but is clearly
    delineated as being a working area; hard hats required!)
  * re-engineer the current site so that it meets the above requirement
    for casual visitors, while retaining its role as a repository and
    workplace for SIG members

Personally, I would go for the first option, because I think it would be 
much less work, more rewarding to do, and would yield a better result 
public relations-wise.  Another argument for this approach is that a 
small site has a much better chance of being translated into other 
languages, thereby increasing the CRM's global reach.

Best wishes,

*Richard Light*
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