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Thu Feb 6 19:29:36 EET 2014

Dear All,

I wonder if E90 Symbolic Object should have a property "encoding" or 
"employed symbol set".
I think of various old and modern scripts and digital encodings. Think 
of Japanese texts in Romaji, Kanji-Katakana,
or Katakana only, Turkish in Arabic or Latin scripts, ancient Egyptian 
in Hieroglyphic or Hieratic, etc.
One could think of using just "has type",  but may be reference to 
explicit symbol sets or multiple symbol sets
is not adequate for a E55 Type? Anyway, in FRBRoo
  the issue appeared as a question of identity of the symbolic object 

Properties*:*R33 <#_R33_has_content>has content: E62 <#_E62_String>String

(R33.1 has encoding: E55 <#_E55_Type_>Type)



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