[Crm-sig] A hoard as crm:E78_Collection ?

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Dear Dan,

On 1/12/2014 7:26 ??, Dan Matei wrote:
> My main criterion (not always explicit !) to use one property or other 
> is not the query (dis)ambiguity, but the facility of the semantic 
> reasoning, i.e. inference. Am I wrong ?
I'd regard this as secondary application. Many  reasoning applications 
need to narrow the world down, which often comes in direct conflict 
conflict with the recall of a global query.
If that happens, search has preference over expressive power. Of course, 
reasoning can also increase recall. Then it is preferable.

In other words, imagine a global network of knowledge. The idea is, if I 
cannot get all facts possibly relevant to my research question, I need 
to worry about drawing deep conclusions from the rest. Once we have 
solved that, then we can go into the next round of reasoning services. 
That may be a CRM extension, but I'd argue not the CRM itself.
> So, my feeling (not more than that) is that the reasoner is helped if 
> crm:Py_is_component_of suggests that the subject of the assertion is a 
> thing "functional" in itself, vs. crm:P46i_forms_part_of that suggests 
> otherwise.
If that would be the case, we would need an example in which the same 
thing can be
integrated in one thing as functional component, and in another as 
non-functional, and the distinction is so frequent, that we would be 
confused by too many answers otherwise.
But, feeling is not enough for the CRM ;-) . We always require enough 
real data to demonstrate the need.

Of course, we are all free to make extensions for particular applications.
So, what is reasonable for an application, may not be relevant enough to 
an ISO standard :-) . Anyway always good to think things through...

All the best,



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