[Crm-sig] A hoard as crm:E78_Collection ?

Dan Matei danmatei50 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 15:17:14 EET 2014

Hi, dear Vladimir

Here is what I replyed to Martin (or you see the list ?):


Well, crm:E78_Collection attracts so much attention either because it is
important or it has problems, or both :-)

(Second thought: we can say that the guy burying a hoard had a "collection
development plan": he planed to "develop", the hoard, retrieving it after
some time and spending the coins :-)

True that crm:E19_Physical_Object "includes all aggregates of objects", but
I feel the need of something like crm:Fx_Assemblage between
and E78_Collection, because I would like to make a clear (conceptual)
distinction between:

<helmet>  <crm:Py_is_component_of> <armor>


<coin> < crm:Py_is_component_of > <hoard>


<wheel>  <crm:P46i_forms_part_of> <car>

So, I would like a crm:Fx_Assemblage exactly for the reason you invoke: „We
should only use a more specific class, if we expect the respective
additional  properties to be relevant for querying.".


I'm still in doubt...


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