[Crm-sig] CRM Experiences Meet-up at British Museum

Barry Norton BNorton at britishmuseum.org
Thu Aug 21 18:55:45 EEST 2014

Due to the unfortunate cancellation of the CRM Experiences Workshop at the Digital Libraries conference on 12th September we thought it would be nice to offer the fallback of having a free meet-up that evening at the British Museum, so that those who planned to talk, if they'll still be in London, could have a chance to do so.

To this end, with three talks already confirmed as possible and with a suitable space booked for 17h30, we'd like to invite any other CRMEX authors to offer their presentations, and invite anyone from the CRM list to attend. Please note that due to limited space we will offer attendance first to this list, and then later to the community at large.

If you would like to attend or present, please send me an email at: BNorton at BritishMuseum.org<mailto:BNorton at BritishMuseum.org>


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