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Dear All,

We are happy to announce the endorsement of a new CRM-compatible model 
by the
IFLA FRBR Review Group. We will propose the corresponding endorsement by 



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Subject:     IFLA FRBR RG endorsement of PRESSoo
Date:     Sun, 17 Aug 2014 14:38:33 +0000
From:     Riva Patricia <Pat.Riva at banq.qc.ca>

At its meeting today August 17, 2014, the FRBR Review Group formally 
endorsed PRESSoo. Quoting from the longer statement (attached):
"The FRBR Review Group endorses PRESSo as a valid ontology that can be 
used to express the semantic relationships embedded in descriptions 
provided by libraries (i.e., bibliographic authority data) for 
continuing resources in a way that is fully compatible with FRBRoo."

IFLA has additional formal steps, new this summer, related to getting 
final endorsement as an "IFLA Standard", but the FRBR RG endorsement is 
the first step, and essentially is the step that endorses the domain 
content of the PRESSoo model.

The FRBR RG also accepted a similar statement of endorsement for FRBRoo 
version 2.0, and we will also be complying with the new steps for final 
approval of the updated version (FRBRoo version 1.o was considered 
approved under previous procedures).


Pat Riva
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