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Hi Vladimir

Thanks for your comments.

On 13 August 2014 20:48, Vladimir Alexiev <vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com>

> > Documents with applied seals... Beside the material of the seal, I want
> to specify its colour,
> My mistake, sorry: I mean attached seals, e.g.

> To my mind things like Seals and Ink Stamps are E25 Man-Made Features.

I tend to agree, for the (really) applied seals. But I asked several museum
people (the data providers) and the majority see the seal a distinct part.
I continue to "investigate". Now I'm inclined to let them decide
case-by-case. I'm still in dounbt :-(

Should I treat the attached seals and applied seals differently ?

> In fact AAT defines some such hierarchy:
> http://www.getty.edu/vow/AATHierarchy?find=&logic=AND&note=&subjectid=300200896
> And  here is the sub-hierarchy of seals:
> http://www.getty.edu/vow/AATHierarchy?find=&logic=AND&note=&subjectid=300028877
Ha ! Good to know...

> I think an extension prop: P2X_has_color, subprop of P2_has_type
>  Maybe...

> NB. I'm converting AAT too.
> Well don't. Use http://vocab.getty.edu/. E.g. the above is
> http://vocab.getty.edu/aat/300310722
> - The old doc is here:
> http://www.getty.edu/research/tools/vocabularies/lod/aat_semantic_representation.pdf
> - the new doc (coming in a week) is here:
> http://vladimiralexiev.github.io/aat/index.htm
> I'll read. Thanks.

I'm ingesting AAT because (hopefully) we will add Romanian terms. That's
the "political" reason, but also converting it to CRM (well specialised a
bit :-( is interesting.

> --
> In summary, I would model it like this
>   <document> P56_bears_feature <document/seal>.
>   <document/seal> a E25_Man-Made_Feature;
>     P2_has_type <thesaurus/marks/wax_seal>;
>     P2X_has_color aat:300310722. # blood red
> Or if you already have a Materials thesaurus, split it like this:
>   <document> P56_bears_feature <document/seal>.
>   <document/seal> a E25_Man-Made_Feature;
>     P2_has_type <thesaurus/marks/seal>;
>     P45_consists_of <thesaurus/materials/wax>;
>     P2X_has_color aat:300310722. # blood red
> Right.



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