[Crm-sig] Colourful problem

Dan Matei danmatei50 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 15:38:38 EEST 2014


I have a problem with the colour :-)

The case:

Documents with applied seals... Beside the material of the seal, I want to
specify its colour, using a suitable concept from the AAT Colour facet. [In
the legacy records - for documents - I have a field "seal material" and one
"seal colour"].

So, my plan is:

<myDocument [E84_Information_carrier]> <P46_is_composed_of> <mySeal [E84]>

<mySeal [E84]> <P45_consists_of> <myMaterial [E57_Material]>

<mySeal [E84]> <P56_bears_feature> <myColour [E26_Physical_Feature]>


<myColour [E26]> <P2_has_type> <aat: 300131648(i.e. chromatic colour)


<myColour [E26]> <?> <aat: 300310722 (i.e. blood red) [E55]>

NB. I'm converting AAT too.

What's the right predicate (domain E26, range E55) to use, in order to say
"myColour IS blood red" ?

I could use rdf:value (domain rdfs:Resource, range rdfs:Resource), but I'm
not comfortable with it.

An advice, please...



Dan Matei
Institutul Național al Patrimoniului (National Heritage Institute) -
Fundația Gellu Naum
TermRom - Asociația Română de Terminologie
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