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While I was happy to spend over an hour reading this document, and while 
I understood and agree with its content, I'm not sure that someone who 
started by knowing nothing of the CRM would achieve either of these 
things.  Sometimes "less is more", and I think this document tries to do 
too much.

The first sentence states the document is for "cultural heritage 
managers, professionals, researchers and scholars".  If that is the 
case, one could argue that the arguments should be made conceptually, 
and that the technical details of RDF, Linked Data, etc. could be 
removed entirely, or just mentioned in passing in a brief 
"implementation" section.  Putting this point another way, if the 
document were for "cultural heritage systems developers, web programmers 
and data integrators", in what ways would it be different?  I would 
certainly hope that it would be.

The primer should start from a position that is meaningful to the 
intended audience (e.g. by taking an example of an object as it might be 
catalogued in two rather different systems) and lead them in a logical 
way through to an understanding of the intellectual harmonisation which 
the CRM offers.  It might be useful to write a training brief for the 
primer: "by the end of this document you will know/understand A, B, and 
C, and will be able to do X, Y and Z". And a one-page Executive Summary 
might be useful, both for the creator of the primer, and for those 
readers who don't have a spare hour to enhance their knowledge. :-)


On 08/08/2014 16:49, martin wrote:
> Dear All,
> Please have a look at this document:
> http://www.cidoc-crm.org/docs/CRMPrimer_v1.1.pdf
> on page:
> http://www.cidoc-crm.org/technical_papers.html
> and let us know if you approve it as CRM-SIG statement
> or propose improvements.
> Best wishes,
> Martin
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