[Crm-sig] groups and relations between persons

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Tue Aug 5 21:51:27 EEST 2014

> more modest approach to prosopography (compared to snapdrgn):
> http://d-nb.info/standards/elementset/agrelon

I like the analysis done in AgRelOn, see MTSR 2012 paper (p222).
It abstracts away the gender (to reduce combinatorial complexity) and analyzes the rest hierarchically (e.g. professional vs familial relations).

> E74 Group used in this way represents an instance, an n-tuple,  of a relation

There are inter-dependent fields that need to be kept in sync
- the type of group and the P107.1 props need to be correlated. If the P107 props are specific, maybe one can skip the type of group :-)
  Something like this: if a group has P107_1_mother and P107_2_father and P107_3_child, then its P2_has_type is "family".
- the group is a short-cut for life events, as shown in C.E.Ore's presentation

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