[Crm-sig] Shape

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Tue Aug 5 21:29:23 EEST 2014

Hi Thanasis!

> How is shape considered in the CRM?

There's no special modeling of shapes.

> E55 Type as in:
> holes
>    <holes by shape>
>      oval holes
>      round holes
>      etc.
> or is there a more elegant way of doing it?

If you have only a few of those then go ahead with it.

If there are many combinations, better split them up, e.g.:
  P2X_has_area_shape subPropertyOf P2_has_type.
  P2Y_has_volume_shape subPropertyOf P2_has_type.
and then
  <feature1> P2X_has_area_shape <thes/shape/area/oval>;
       P2Y_has_volume_shape <thes/shape/volume/hole>.
  <feature2> P2X_has_area_shape <thes/shape/area/square>;
       P2Y_has_volume_shape <thes/shape/volume/bump>.

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