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Fri Apr 25 12:57:09 EEST 2014

Dear All,

I received the following statement:

b) You asked why I was confused about the immateriality of E31.
The reason is that under E31 one example is "the photo of the
Allied leaders at Yalta, published by UPI, 1945" and under
E89 is "the image content of the photo of the Allied Leaders
at Yalta, 1945".  This sounded to me as if the E89 was the
non-physical image and the E31 was the published and printed
photo.  I gather from your message that this is wrong, that
both E31 and E89 are only an image in my mind's eye, and
that a physical copy of a newspaper with the photograph is
an E24.

We should check that all examples appearing again in subclasses
have precisely the same wording!




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