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Mon Apr 14 15:42:11 EEST 2014

Dear All,

Here a proposed explanation to the release policy of CRM-SIG:

a) Draft releases are published to indicate to users which changes
are upcoming.

      On one side, this should provide more trust in the stability
     of the rest of the constructs, even though non-backwards compatible 
     are very rare. Mostly, we add new properties, generalize domains or 
     or change scope notes.

     On the other side, this is to encourage users which do have a 
mapping problem
     the new constructs will solve to use them right away.

We us to publish draft releases when we regard that new concepts are 
whereasdetails of scope notes are yet to be settled.

Therefore RDFS versions of draft releases are encouraged to be used.

b) An official release is a form with scope notes and concepts in a 
consistent state.
There is no policy of when a new release is to be made. New constructs are
entered on a request & evidence base.

c) Normally, any set of new concepts introduced should result in a 
second order change
    of version number. (5.0 - 5.1 etc.).

d) A change of scope notes, introduction or generalization of property 
range should
       result in a third order change of version number. (5.0.1 - 5.0.2 

d) A change of practical scope or modelling principle should result in a 
first order change.

I believe that FRBRoo should soon provide a stable release of RDFS. I 
suggest to
regard the current definition (result of the Den Haag Meeting) of FRBRoo 
be regarded as "official" in RDFS, regardless of the publishing policy 
of IFLA wrt
minor editorial changes, which has blocked publication so far.

I suggest to produce an official FRBRoo 2.0 in RDFS by May 15, 2014.




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