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Dear all,

It was so nice meeting you in Den Haag. :)

Here you can find the links to the website of
NOSA<http://www.nosa.com/nosaweb/>company (the company that I
mentioned in the meeting) and the English user
interface of their current digital system which is called
the website is in Farsi, I have provided the following information
about this company.

*Iran Software & Hardware Co. (NOSA) <http://www.nosa.com/nosaweb/>* with
an experience of 25 years,  provides software applications and support to
businesses of all sizes located in Iran. Since its founding in 1988, NOSA
has engaged in the development and distribution of a range of integrated
business software, library systems and related products designed to meet
the needs of public, private and not-for-profit organizations in the
region. After the first series of NOSA library soft wares in 1988, with the
advent of the internet second generation of this product developed in 1997
which prepare the users with library sources search via internet. Following
an increase in the number of libraries and information centers, by 2002,
NOSA represented its third group of library soft wares called "SIMORGH" in
respond to the users need to real-time integrated search in many libraries
and information centers. SIMORGH Unified Network
<http://simorgh.nosa.com/simwebclt/WebAccess/SimWebPortal.dll?LANG=2>is an
online searchable collection of all SIMORGH libraries with member and guest
access controls for each member library . SIMORGH can link libraries and
data sources to provide unified access through one portal and used as a
repository of digital documents.

With arising needs of scholars to use digital sources for research and the
desire of publishers and libraries to safely share such copyrighted sources
online, NOSA is initiating numerous services in Iran, one of them is *"NOSA
BOOKS" <http://www.nosabooks.com/WebUI/Home.aspx>* which is too similar to
Google books service. NOSA Project uses an artificial intelligent cloud
computing server called Brain Center to match available metadata and
document information across all of SIMORGH network of 200+ libraries and
intelligently match them with reference libraries such as Library of
Congress, National Library of Medicine and National Library of Iran.

I hope their new system called "Ghoghnoos" will release soon. (As I told in
the meeting, for completing one part of their project they are waiting for
FRBRoo version 2)

Best regards,

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