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Dear Dan,

In FRBRoo, after a long discussion, the FRBR-CRM harmonization group
came to the conviction that the concept of a "persona" is not clear
enough and necessary for the kinds of information systems CRM and FRBR
aim at. Rather, the concept of possibly role-dependent name use (F52
Name Use Activity) and modelling offices and other kinds of roles as
special kinds of Group (with one member at a time) appeared as being

See for instance:
E74 Group
Subclass of: 	E39 Actor
Superclass of: 	E40 Legal Body

Scope note:	This class comprises any gatherings or organizations of two 
or more people that act collectively or in a similar way due to any form 
of unifying relationship. In the wider sense this class also comprises 
official positions which used to be regarded in certain contexts as one 
actor, independent of the current holder of the office, such as the 
president of a country.


F52 Name Use Activity

Subclass of:	E13 Attribute Assignment
Scope note:	This class comprises periods of continuous use of a specific 
instance of E41 Appellation for a particular instance of E1 CRM Entity 
by an E39 Actor. It includes in particular the use of the name by its 
carrier. Characteristically, actors performing an activity may choose a 
particular appellation for themselves in the context of this activity. 
Such cases should be modelled by additionally classifying these 
activities as instances of F52 Name Use Activity.

Examples:	Using the pseudonym ‘Prince’ until 1993, and again from 2000 on
Using the pseudonym ‘Love Symbol’ from 1993 to 2000
Using the pseudonym ‘Lewis Carroll’ when authoring works of fiction
Using the name ‘Charles Dodgson’ when authoring works of mathematics and 
Using the name ‘Mother Teresa’ instead of ‘Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu’ when 
becoming head of the Missionaries of Charity
Using the name ‘Elizabeth Barrett Browning’ instead of ‘Elizabeth 
Barrett Barrett’ after marrying Robert Browning
Properties:	R61 occurred in kind of context (was kind of context for): 
E55 Type
R62 was used for membership in (was context for): E74 Group
R63 named (was named by): E1 CRM Entity
R64 used name (was name used by): E41 Appellation

There may be of course other applications requiring different modeling.



On 24/9/2013 10:33 πμ, Øyvind Eide wrote:
> Dear Dan,
> Thanks for opening up the magic box of persons, personae and roles!
> Have you looked at what FRBRoo has to say about personae, e.g.,
> section 1.3 on page 18-19 in
> http://www.cidoc-crm.org/docs/frbr_oo//frbr_docs/FRBRoo_V2.0_draft_2013May.pdf
> ?
> I am not sure I fully understand how you would model such a Persona -
> Bill Clinton is still Bill Clinton (in a realist sense) even when he
> acts in the role of president?
> Could you give an example of a problem you would need the new
> subclass to solve?
> Kind regards,
> Øyvind
> On 20. sep. 2013, at 20:59, Dan Matei wrote:
>> Friends
>> I cannot remember if this issue was already discussed. If so,
>> please excuse me.
>> I am tempted to "invent" a subclass of E39_Actor, namely 'Persona'.
>> In addition, to relate it to E21_Person with something like
>> 'alter_ ego', In order to handle well the classical situations
>> like:
>> "IOANNES PAULUS Secundus" vs. " Karol Józef Wojtyła"
>> but also:
>> "Bill Clinton" (president of USA) vs. "Bill Clinton" (himself).
>> The E39 properties:
>> P75 possesses (is possessed by): E30 Right P76 has contact point
>> (provides access to): E51 Contact Point P131 is identified by
>> (identifies): E82 Actor Appellation
>> would apply well (I hope) to Personae.
>> But:
>> P74 has current or former residence (is current or former residence
>> of): E53 Place
>> would be a bit bizarre for a Persona.
>> What do you think ? There is some good practice for this ?
>> Thanks,
>> Dan
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