[Crm-sig] Persona ?

Dan Matei Dan at cimec.ro
Fri Sep 20 21:59:30 EEST 2013


I cannot remember if this issue was already discussed. If so, please excuse me.

I am tempted to "invent" a subclass of E39_Actor, namely 'Persona'. In addition, to relate it to E21_Person with something like 'alter_
ego', In order to handle well the classical situations like:

"IOANNES PAULUS Secundus" vs. " Karol Józef Wojtyła"

but also:

"Bill Clinton" (president of USA) vs. "Bill Clinton" (himself).

The E39 properties:

P75 possesses (is possessed by): E30 Right
P76 has contact point (provides access to): E51 Contact Point
P131 is identified by (identifies): E82 Actor Appellation

would apply well (I hope) to Personae.


P74 has current or former residence (is current or former residence of): E53 Place

would be a bit bizarre for a Persona.

What do you think ? There is some good practice for this ?



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