[Crm-sig] issue 195

Christian-Emil Ore c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no
Fri Oct 18 12:06:47 EEST 2013

Issue 195
In an email from 2008 Joao Lima raised the question could the three 
properties P134, P9 and P10 be seen as sub properties of the three 
“Allen relation” properties P120, P117B and P117respectively:

1. P134 continued (was continued by) isA P120 occurs before (occurs after)

2. P9 consists of (forms part of) isA P117B includes (occurs during)

3.P10 falls within (contains) isA P117 occurs during (includes)

In the text for Issue 195 the current proposal is:

Since it is not subsumed that every time "continue" means "occurs 
before" or "meets in time" we decided to examine if we need generalized 
properties of Allen operators.

The newly proposed ‘Exx SpaceTime Body’ makes explicit the space aspect 
of the temporal entities from E4 Period and its sub classes. The spatial 
aspect of E4 Period should be taken into consideration when discussing 
the three thoughts above.  For example does P10 require falls with in 
both in time and space or perhaps just in one of them. Correspondingly 
for P9 and P134. Sub-issue 1 above is currently not possible due to the 
definition of the Allen operators. By weakening occurs after slightly, 
it may be ok.

I am writing a note on this and on Allen operators when the 4 
dimensional SpaceTime Body is introduced. I hope  make available on 
Sunday and may present at the SIG meeting.

Kind regards,

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