[Crm-sig] Resolution of issue 205

Øyvind Eide oyvind.eide at iln.uio.no
Sun Oct 13 16:27:43 EEST 2013

Dear all,

Issue 205 was discussed last in Stockholm, where I suggested to clarify the modelling of digitisation by adding a new paragraph to the scope note for P138. Thus, the proposal is to extend the scope note to the following:

"This property establishes the relationship between an E36 Visual Item and the entity that it visually represents.

Any entity may be represented visually. This property is part of the fully developed path from E24 Physical Man-Made Thing through P65 shows visual item (is shown by), E36 Visual Item, P138 represents (has representation) to E1 CRM Entity, which is shortcut by P62depicts (is depicted by). P138.1 mode of representation allows the nature of the representation to be refined.

This property is also used for the relationship between an original and a digitisation of the original by the use of techniques such as digital photography, flatbed scanning and infrared scanning. Digitisation is here seen as a process with a mechanical, causal component and does not necessarily include any visual similarity identifiably by human observation."

Further, it was suggested to add two more examples. Thus, the new example text will be:


* the design on the reverse of a Swiss coin (E36) represents Helvetia (E28) mode of representation Profile (E55)

* the digital file found at http://www.emunch.no/N/full/No-MM_N0001-01.jpg (E73) represents page 1 of Edvard Munch's manuscript MM N 1, Munch-museet (E73) mode of representation Digitisation (E55)

* the left image of figure 5 on page 1452 of the article found at http://www.eurasip.org/Proceedings/Eusipco/Eusipco2011/papers/1569432319.pdf (E73) represents a fragment of The Waldseemüller 1507 World Map (E73) mode of representation Beta Radiograph Imaging (E55)"

Kind regards,


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