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Thu Jan 31 17:21:50 EET 2013

Dear all,
A new discussion list has just been created for all those who are 
interested in the application of ontologies to the digital humanities 
field (and who have linguistic skills in French, as this is the language 
used on that discussion list). It is more particularly devoted to the 
implementation of CIDOC CRM, FRBRoo, LIDO, EDM etc. in French-speaking 
areas. The idea is to provide French-speaking colleagues with a tool for 
sharing their experiences, questions, bewilderments etc. about modelling 
without having first to translate them into English (or pidgin, more often 
than not). Of course, this does not mean that it is restricted to native 
French speakers, and all colleagues who are interested in taking part in 
this initiative are welcome to subscribe by clicking on this link:
The mailing address is ontologie-patrimoine at services.cnrs.fr 
The archive will be available from 
Through this device we hope to spread the interest for conceptual 
modelling in the field of cultural heritage, and to attract new devotees 
Best wishes,
The three owners of the ontologie-patrimoine list: Katell Briatte, Patrick 
Le Boeuf, Anne-Violaine Szabados
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