[Crm-sig] Identifiers for activities about objects

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Fri Jan 18 15:52:37 EET 2013

> http://collection/britishmuseum.org/id/object/[OBJECTID]/production/1

Continuing with Josh's examples, here are some more:
- object/OBJECTID/regno : particular Identifier of the object (a "registration number")
- object/OBJECTID/concept/1 : "parasitic" node allowing us to say that the object is about an entity (person/place etc):
  <object> P128_carries <concept>. 
  <concept> P129_is_about <entity>.
- object/OBJECTID/production/1/date : Time-Span of that event
- object/OBJECTID/production/1/association : association node describing details about the relation of that event to some agent or place
It's a bmo:EX_Association, which is extension of E13_Attribute_Assignment. See

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