[Crm-sig] Identifiers for activities about objects

Athanasios Velios a.velios at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 17:44:15 EET 2013


We are working on the detailed description of museum objects for 
conservation. I was wondering whether there are any guidelines on the 
production of identifiers for:

1) Object components
2) Activities on objects

Complex objects could have hundreds of components, each requiring an 
identifier. They could also have a long history of modifications with a 
variety of materials and techniques, all of which again need an 
identifier. A unique number generated from a UUID tool, or similar, may 
work, but how does a human make sense of the seemingly random strings? 
Is there a generic recommendation for something that would suit humans 
in addition to computers?



Dr. Athanasios Velios
University of the Arts London

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