[Crm-sig] CRMEX workshop proposal

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Wed Apr 24 21:35:32 EEST 2013

Dear Vladimir,


I just want to modify one statement:

"Until recently, RDF representation has been considered out of scope of 
the CRM SIG"

This is not correct, and I cannot support it. RDF is an implementation, 
and implementations are in scope, but distinct from standardization of 
meaning. On the issues list of CRM-SIG, they have a specific code.
CRM-SIG does not want to tie the standardization of meaning with 
standardizations of implementation practices, because the latter change 
much more rapidly, and the standard must be organized such that 
(semantic) interoperability based on it will survive such changes.
So far, the CRM has experienced several encoding paradigms, each the top 
of their time: TELOS, KIF, UML, DAML-OIL, RDF, OWL.

The position of CRM-SIG may be described as:

"Since RDF representation implies a certain implementation bias and 
still undergoes changes of good practice, CRM-SIG has beenn expecting a 
good practice to emerge from applicants in order to make recommendations".

Would that be acceptable?

Such a workshop is a good chance to get feedback from practice.

All the best,


On 24/4/2013 7:18 πμ, Vladimir Alexiev wrote:
> I am happy to report that our workshop "Practical Experiences with CIDOC CRM and its Extensions (CRMEX)" has been accepted for TPDL 2013, www.tpdl2013.info.
> We will get by the end of this week comments from the TPDL reviewers, which we should consider. I would also like to ask the Program Committee and any other interested party for comments before we release the CFP. I plan to release the CFP on May 14. I specifically solicit feedback on these sections:
> - 3.2	Topics
> - 3.3	Proposed Format
> - 3.6	Workshop Timeline
> The latest version is at:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IPV5HkV_3OcQ927vAMeZWY28w35y4W8AC6YQq9RLuDg/edit?usp=sharing
> Please write comments in gdocs, or email me.
> Furthermore, the Organizing Committee (you know who you are :-) should have a call to well... organize ourselves.
> I have made a poll at http://doodle.com/mtgzek8itpzv79bd , please vote!
> Kindest regards! Vladimir


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