[Crm-sig] issue 223

Athina Kritsotaki athinak at ics.forth.gr
Mon Apr 8 12:03:29 EEST 2013

New Issue: 223
Title: Correcting issue 156

Dear all,

Regarding the decision made on Issue 156 (that changed the range of
“P39 measured” to be  E1 CRM Entity instead of E70 Thing)
there seems to be an inconsistency in resolving that issue.
Current proposal: As a consequence of moving the range from E70 to E1,
should  also be to move the domain of the property P43 has dimension (is
dimension of): E54 Dimension  from E70 to E1, in order to be consistent.
By definition, the property P43 has dimension is a shortcut of the more
fully developed path through P39 measured (was measured by) , E16
Measurement P40 observed dimension (was observed in) to E54 Dimension.
So, think about this and comment,

Athina Kritsotaki

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