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Thanks Regine,

I would be interested in doing a comparison of which LIDO eventType values are

a)      Directly available from CIDOC-CRM;

b)      Available via FRBRoo (e.g. performance, publication);

c)       Not yet available in a CIDOC draft or standard CRM.

I think it would be good to do this as the commercial data standards use terms from b) and possible one or two from c) but I think not many.

It should be possible to cover all the main types used.

Another question is: in LIDO, what is the default relationship between the main object or work described by the LIDO record, and the <event>?

In commercial data you often want to describe publications that are "about" the main object or work of interest (e.g. review "about" a book). Would this be simply the same relation as assumed in LIDO, a kind of general "involvement"? Or should it be specified precisely using a roleInEvent term? If so could we develop a standards-based list for these roles too?

Thanks again,


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Hi again,

the LIDO event type terminology is compliant, but different from the CRM subhierarchy of E5 Event:

Some of the CRM subclasses of Event are not in the LIDO event type terminology - e.g. the ones which do not apply for objects, but for actors - while some of the LIDO event types are specifications of the CRM hierarchy.
But ofc a number of LIDO event types are exact matches of the respective CRM class.


Am 17.09.2012 11:56, schrieb Michael Hopwood:
I have another quick LIDO question: why in lido:category do we use CIDOC-CRM terms directly, but in lido:eventType we use a special vocabulary albeit mostly taken from CRM anyway?


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