[Crm-sig] ADDITION: property "active in period"

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Wed Nov 21 12:23:32 EET 2012

I propose to add a new property "active in period" with range E4 Period.
The domain should include E39 Actor and E41 Appellation, so I think should be E77 Persistent Item.
If it's judged that such property cannot be defined meaningfully for E77, then could be split to two proeperties for E39 and E41.


1. E39 Actor: BM has a field "period of activity of the actor".
We currently model this as "was present at" a "fake" Event, but P12 doesn't quite say what we need:
  <person-institution/144526> P12i_was_present_at <person-institution/144526/activity/1>;
  <person-institution/144526/activity/1>P4_has_time-span <person-institution/144526/activity/1/date>.
  <person-institution/144526/activity/1/date> P82a_begin_of_the_begin "1859"; P82b_end_of_the_end "1900".

2. E41 Appellation: BM tracks temporal validity of person names.

- One solution is described in email "ISSUE: P37, P38, P48 should be moved up to Appellation":
<person/name> a E82_Actor_Appellation;
  P37i_was_assigned_by <person/name/assigned>;
  P38i_was_deassigned_by <person/name/deassigned>.
<person/name/assigned> a E15_Appellation_Assignment; 
  P4_has_time-span <person/name/assigned/date>.
<person/name/assigned/date> a E52_Time-Span;
  P82_at_some_time_within "1600".
<person/name/deassigned> a E15_Appellation_Assignment; 
  P4_has_time-span <person/name/deassigned/date>.
<person/name/deassigned/date> a E52_Time-Span;
  P82_at_some_time_within "1850".

- But "active in period" would be a much better solution, since it also allows you to specify the cultural period through which the name was used:
<person/name> a E82_Actor_Appellation;
  P200_active_in_period <period/medieval-france>.
<period/medieval-france> a E4_Period;
  P3_has_note "Medieval France";
  P7_took_place_at <place/France>;
  P4_has_time-span <period/medieval-france/dates>.
  P82a_begin_of_the_begin "1100"; 
  P82b_end_of_the_end "1650".

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