[Crm-sig] More consistent representation of "dual events"

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Wed Nov 21 11:35:49 EET 2012

There are several examples of "dual events" in CRM:
- E8 Acquisition: transferred title from; transferred title to
- E9 Move: moved from; moved to
- E10 Transfer of Custody: custody surrendered by; custody received by
- E15 Identifier Assignment: assigned, deassigned
- E81 Transformation: transformed; resulted in
- E80 Part Removal: removed & diminished; E79 Part Addition: added & augmented

I think that Part Removal and Part Addition should be merged. 

This will allow more consistent modeling of the following situations:
- moving an object from one collection to another (similar to E8 and E10):
  removed=added=<object>, diminished=<old_collection>, augmented=<new_collection>
- replacing a part of an object (similar to E81):
  removed=<old_part>, added=<new_part>, diminished=augmented=<object>

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