[Crm-sig] Cidoc 5.1 draft: also list inverse properties for each entity

Wolfgang Schmidle wolfgang.schmidle at uni-koeln.de
Tue Nov 20 17:19:09 EET 2012

Am 20.11.12 10:53, schrieb Vladimir Alexiev:

>>> http://www.cidoc-crm.org/docs/cidoc_crm_5_0_1_cross_reference/cidoc_crm_5_0_1_cross_reference.rar
>>> Just let us know, if the crossreference manual is what you meant.
>> Thanks! I was not aware of this  :-)
> Please also see a cleaned up version here:
> http://personal.sirma.bg/vladimir/crm/entity_list_cleaned.html
>> useful to know the properties that have this entity as domain and/or
>> range, i.e. which properties are "new" with this entity
> I think you can find this in:
> - section "The entity is referenced by:"
> - bold in section "Properties"

What is the point of bold font versus a separate section? Is there a 
fundamental difference between properties and their inverses that is 
expressed here?

And like I said, the additional information I am looking for is readily 
available in the Cross Reference, but I find the property lists 
overwhelming if one doesn't already have a good grasp of Cidoc. Is there 
any structure in the property lists? Why is P3 last in the property list 
in E2? Why is P3 listed at all in E62? Why are the properties that are 
new with the entity not grouped together, for example in E4? Does it 
have to do with property hierarchies? If yes, why are P19 and P2 between 
P17 and P15 in E7? (Is this a problem with multiple inheritances?) What 
about P79, P80 and P3 in E52? What did the empty lines in the property 
lists in the original Cross Reference convey?


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