[Crm-sig] Cidoc 5.1 draft: also list inverse properties for each entity

Vladimir Alexiev vladimir.alexiev at ontotext.com
Tue Nov 20 11:53:47 EET 2012

> > http://www.cidoc-crm.org/docs/cidoc_crm_5_0_1_cross_reference/cidoc_crm_5_0_1_cross_reference.rar
> > Just let us know, if the crossreference manual is what you meant.
> Thanks! I was not aware of this  :-)

Please also see a cleaned up version here:

> useful to know the properties that have this entity as domain and/or
> range, i.e. which properties are "new" with this entity

I think you can find this in:
- section "The entity is referenced by:"
- bold in section "Properties"

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