[Crm-sig] new draft version 5.1 of the CIDOC CRM

Wolfgang Schmidle wolfgang.schmidle at uni-koeln.de
Wed Nov 14 11:24:44 EET 2012

Where should I report minor issues? Things like

P106 empty sub/superproperty fields; wrong spacing between examples
P125 empty subproperty field
P130 misplaced . in second superproperty, second . should be :
P137 () in title with superfluous spaces; missing spaces in subproperty
P148 empty sub/superproperty fields


Am 14.11.12 09:23, schrieb Chryssoula Bekiari:

> Dear all
> You may find the new draft version 5.1 of the CIDOC CRM in
> http://www.cidoc-crm.org/docs/cidoc_crm_version_5.1.pdf
> best
> Chryssoula

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