[Crm-sig] non-existent objects / meta-CRM

Wolfgang Schmidle wolfgang.schmidle at uni-koeln.de
Thu Nov 8 13:13:10 EET 2012

Thanks for all your replies!

If there is an database entry for a statue in Arachne, then it exists or 
at least did exist in modern times. (However, Arachne may eventually add 
entries for statues that are mentioned in antiquity but have never 
existed in modern times.) The value "ohne Basis" in the data field 
"Aufstellung" should mean that a base was not intended and did not 
exist. It should not mean "it was there but now it isn't". We are 
currently double checking whether this is indeed the case.

And just to lay the poor sheep to rest: As far as I know, "sheep" is the 
plural form, but it is not a plural morpheme (which roughly means plural 
marker). It may or may not contain a plural morpheme, depending on how 
you see it. If it contains one, it is the null morpheme 


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